Expert Tutoring at UMD

If you're like most UMD students, you're probably taking stats to fulfill a requirement for your major - for example BMGT230 for business majors, or STAT100. If you're an engineering student, you'll probably have to a take a program-specific probability and statistics course like ENEE324, ENME392, ENCE302, CHBE410, or BIOE371. Engineering prob/stats courses require calculus, and build heavily on concepts from calculus 3 like vector algebra and double integrals.

Regardless of which course you take to satisfy your program's requirement, make sure that you're prepared by working with one of our expert tutors. Don't become another statistic - sign up today.

We currently have tutors available for:

BMGT 230
Business Statistics
STAT 100
Elementary Statistics and Probability
STAT 400
Applied Probability and Statistics I
STAT 200
Introduction to Statistics (University of Maryland Global Campus)
MATH 107
Introduction to Math Modeling and Probability
Statistical Methods in Psychology
STAT 401
Applied Probability and Statistics II
STAT 410
Introduction to Probability Theory
MATH 214
Elements of Probability and Statistics
STAT 230
Business Statistics (University of Maryland Global Campus)
Elements of Statistics (Montgomery College)
ENEE 324
Engineering Probability
STAT 225
Introduction to Statistical Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (University of Maryland Global Campus)
ENCE 302
Probability and Statistics for Civil and Environmental Engineers