Our COVID-19 Response

We hold the safety of our students and tutors in the highest regard.

Since the realities and dangers of the pandemic became apparent in March of 2020, College Park Tutors has focused on being as cautious as possible and limiting our services to virtual tutoring sessions to protect the health of our tutors and students. Over the past year we have been delighted to hear success stories from so many of our customers, demonstrating the power of one-on-one tutoring even in an online setting. As such, we have decided to continue offering virtual tutoring as an option for the foreseeable future.

That being said, we understand that many students are eager to resume face-to-face interactions as conditions become safer. The percentage of the national population who is fully vaccinated continues to rise, and UMD expects that in-person classes and operations will resume in Fall 2021. As such, College Park Tutors is pleased to announce that we will once again be offering in-person tutoring starting in Summer 2021.

As many of our tutors are out of town for the summer, please note that in-person tutoring may not be available for all courses at all times. When you are matched with your tutor, you will have the opportunity to discuss how you would like to meet. You will not be billed or charged until you have successfully been matched with a tutor who can meet with you on mutually agreeable terms.

As always, sessions will be one-on-one with an expert in your course. Because of the added uncertainty of pandemic life, we will do our best to be flexible about our policies concerning refunds, withdrawals, and schedule changes during this time.

To see UMD's COVID-19 response, see their dashboard.